PDF Password Remover 3.0

The PDF Password Remover is a useful and reliable software which can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics.

Decryption is being done instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) without any restrictions -- i.e. with edit/copy/print functions enabled. All versions of Adobe Acrobat (including 7.x, which features 128-bit encryption) are supported.

The standard security provided by PDF consists of two different methods and two different passwords, 'user password' and 'owner password'.

A PDF document may be protected by password for opening ('user' password) and the document may also specify operations that should be restricted even when the document is decrypted: printing; copying text and graphics out of the document; modifying the document; and adding or modifying text notes and AcroForm fields (using 'owner' password).

Please note that PDF Password Remover doesn't work with documents which have 'user' password (preventing the files from being opened), if both user and owner passwords are unknown the PDF Password Remover will fail.

Download PDF Password Remover 3.0

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Anti Trojan Elite v4.2.4 PD

Anti-VirusAnti-Trojan Elite™ (ATE) is a malware remover, it can detect and clean malware in disk or memory. Malware is software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a trojan horse, a spyware or a keylogger. ATE contains a Real-Time File Firewall, it monitor system and clean malwares immediately. It is also a system security tools, you can view and control processes and TCP/IP network connections.

Anti Trojan Elite provide a real-time malware firewall for user, once a trojan or keylogger would been loaded, the ATE can detect, block and then clean it in time. The ATE can detect more than 35000 trojans, worms and keyloggers currently, and the number of malware ATE could clean is growing up very quickly, we collect world-wide malwares, user can using our auto live update feature to get the power to clean these new malwares in time.

Anti Trojan Elite has some useful utilities especially. The network utility can been used to disconnect suspicious TCP connections; The process utility can been used to kill suspicious processes even the process has the system priviage, even it has the ability to unload suspicious modules in all processes; The registry repair utility can been used to repair registry altered by malware; The registry monitor utility can been used to repair any change of important registry keys and values with real time.

Download Anti Trojan Elite v4.2.4

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Folder Guard Pro v7.92

Folder Guard® is a powerful computer security software that you can use to control access to files, folders, and other Windows resources, such as Control Panel, Start Menu, and so on. You can use Folder Guard to lock your personal files and folders with passwords, to stop other users from peeking into your records. You can even completely hide your private folders from virtually all applications, and such folders would remain invisible until you enter a valid password. You can also protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, disable access to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel, and more.

Download Folder Guard Pro v7.92

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Password Protect USB 3.6.1

Password Protect USB is a software program designed to protect an unlimited number of folders with your personal passwords. To protect your information, you do not have to move all your files to a special secure folder; you can set a password on any folder containing your sensitive data. The first time you need to run Password Protect from the installation directory. After that, you can simply right-click the folder in Windows Explorer and select Lock With Password Protect USB from the right-click menu. You can protect folders on your hard drive, USB external and removable drives. If you install Password Protect USB right on your removable drive, you can protect/unprotect folders at any computers your drive is connected to. To unlock your folder, you do not need to run the program: just double-click the folder in the right pane of Windows Explorer and enter your password. The program was designed with safety in mind. For example, if you try to protect a system folder, which is crucial for Windows to run properly, Password Protect USB displays a message explaining why you should not do that. Password Protect USB supports Windows XP, 98, 2000, NT, ME, Vista.

Download Password Protect USB 3.6.1

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Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

Xilisoft Video Converter is powerful, versatile video conversion software which converts between all popular video formats such as convert AVI to MPEG, WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG or H.264/AVC video, convert AVI files to iPod formats, etc.

No other programs like Xilisoft Video Converter supports so comprehensive video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV, VOB (the video format used in DVD), DAT (the video format used in VCD, SVCD), etc. In addition, the video converter provides an easy way to convert video file to popular audio file, like MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, etc. The video converter also supports APE, CUE decoding and audio CD ripping.

Xilisoft Video Converter supports popular multimedia devices such as PSP, iPod, iPhone, Archos, mobile phone, Zune, etc. All conversions, such as AVI to MPEG, WMV to MPEG, WMV to AVI, MKV to AVI, MKV to MPEG, are very easy and fast with the best quality. Free download Xilisoft Video Converter to have a wonderful experience right now!

What's new in latest version:

  • Clip segments from video and audio, and output them respectively or merge them into one;
  • Video editing functions added: crop video size, add watermark, and adjust effects;
  • Preview clipped segment and fixed video, and even preview source video and fixed video for comparison;
  • Multiple profiles can be set for one original to convert, and more optimized profiles are offered for PSP and other digital devices;
  • Capture picture from video and create video from pictures;
  • A Bitrate Calculator is available for you to customize the output file size exactly.
Main Functions:
  • Act as 3GP Video Converter, iPod Video Converter, PSP Video Converter, Zune Video Converter, AVI MPEG Converter, MP4 Video Converter, MOV Converter, MKV to MPEG converter, etc.;
  • Convert between all popular video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV, help you on how to convert AVI to MPEG, convert MKV to AVI, convert MKV to MPEG;
  • Convert videos to popular audio files, including MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, and OGG, and convert between these audio formats;
  • Extract pictures from video and output them as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SWF;
  • Convert pictures to video formats like AVI, FLV, SWF, MOV, 3GP, WMV, etc.
Key Features:
  • Powerful video effect editing functions to customize your video: crop video size, edit video effects, and add video watermark; (Ultimate only)
  • Support the decoding and encoding of lossless audio; (Ultimate only)
  • Preview and compare the source video and fixed video; (Ultimate only)
  • Merge several video segments to one for conversion; (Ultimate and Platinum only)
  • Clip segments from video and audio, and output them respectively or merge them into one for output; (Ultimate and Platinum only)
  • Preview clipped video segment; (Ultimate and Platinum only)
  • More optimized and classified profiles are supported now, and any profile can be customized to create your own one with your favorite settings;
  • Customize the output file size and auto-calculate corresponding video bit rate;
  • Multiple output formats can be set for one original to facilitate your conversion;
  • Convert videos to compatible formats to work on PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, Archos, blackberry, iRiver PMP, Creative Zen, etc.;
  • It supports H.264/AVC video format, PSP H.264/MPEG-4 AVC encoding/decoding, PSP H.264/AVC Video (480x272) (*.mp4);
  • It provides batch conversion and multithreading, thus you can select multiple files at one time to have them convert one by one automatically;
  • You can convert any clip or segment of the video at will by setting the start point and duration, and split one source file to several by duration or file size;
  • video codec and audio codec can be modified: alternatively select video codec such as MPEG4, DVvideo, Mjpeg, etc. for AVI, H263, and MPEG4 for 3GP, as well as audio codec like PCM, MP2, MP3, MPEGAAC, AC3, etc.
  • When converting files, you can pause, stop and continue at any moment;
  • You can keep the default settings or set parameters of the video and audio by yourself to get particular effects for output file.
Download Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

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GridinSoft CHM Editor 1.3 Build 032

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help is a proprietary format for online help files, developed by Microsoft. It was first introduced with the release of Windows 98, and is still supported and distributed through Windows XP and Vista platforms. Most often the format is used to create help files for software products. Besides, CHM format is increasingly being used for creation of electronic books (e-books). Until quite recently editing files of such format was a long and labour-intensive process – one had to use special programs (compilers), which didn’t have WYSIWYG interface and required certain skills of working with it.

We present an editor of new generation enabling you to work with CHM-files rapidly and easily: it will be no trouble now to make a new document, add formating, insert a picture or a hypertext link and see the result immediately! Furthermore, a document created by you can be open on every computer, functioning on the basis of the Windows operation system and you will never have to think again about the compatibility problem! Another task which can be successfully resolved when using the CHM Editor is translation of documents.

Because the software may include Help File in an unknown language to you, it could lead to difficulties, and sometimes impossible to use the program you need. The CHM editor handles the problem with one click on the mouse! You get a translated document with the same formatting as in the original language. For translation you can choose one of the internet services the program works with. There are tens of languages available for translation.

The CHM Editor is an excellent choice for people who deal with electronic documentation, have difficulties in using programs with CHM Help File in a foreign language, for professional translators, and those, who collect an electronic library. The program is an efficient tool that everyone should have on their PC!

Download GridinSoft CHM Editor 1.3 Build 032

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USB Safely Remove

USB Safely Remove is a comfortable and safe replacement for the standard "Safely Remove Hardware" tool. The program has many features designed for effortless working with hotplug devices (USB, SATA and FireWire).

Some Features :
What makes USB Safely Remove better than the Windows 'Safely Remove Hardware' tool?
  • The ability to hide any device from the 'stop' menu.
  • Uses real device names and allows renaming.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy device stopping.
  • Unique menu for one-click stop.
  • Programs autorun on device plugging/unplugging.
  • It tells you why a device cannot be stopped immediately.
Changes in Version 4.0 hotfix 1 (Released on December 15th, 2008)
[+] Minor improvements in language packages: Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Danish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Netherlands, Polish, Portugues Brazilian, Romanian, Russian-Preved, Serbian, Spanish-Galician, Spanish, Turkish
[-] Sometimes an error happened on displaying "Cannot stop device" window
[-] Sometimes an error occured on entering the license key

Download USB Safely Remove

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Epocware Handy Taskman.v2.02

Be in full control of your smartphone with Handy Taskman easy and quick!
  • Find and start the desired application by typing the first letters of its name.
  • Create shortcuts in the Favorites list to start applications, call or send SMS to the Contacts with just one click.
  • Run Handy Taskman by pressing and holding Menu button (like the built-in Task manager).
  • Get full information about running programs and free memory left on the phone (RAM, Phone memory and Memory card).
  • Switch to, Close, Kill any application or Close them all in one click.
Supported languages:

Bulgarian, Chinese HK, Chinese TW, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish.

Download Epocware Handy Taskman.v2.02

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Killer Mobile TotalRecall v3.2.1

Features Include:
  • Extremely small footprint - consumes very little memory
  • No Beep Recording **
  • AMR & WAV* Support
  • AutoSend Clips via MMS, HTTP* & Email
  • Unlimited Recording Time
  • Add notes to your clips
  • Record to Internal Memory or Memory Card
  • Intuitively Named Clips
  • Transfer Clips to your PC with Ease
  • Password Protection Available
  • Auto Record All Calls or Be Prompted to Record
  • Manual Start/Stop via Hot Keys
  • Dictaphone (While not on a call)
  • Upload Clips via HTTP* (3rd edition only) (*Requires a free KM web user account for registered Total Recall users)
  • Autostart at reboot
  • FREE Updates for the Life of your device!
  • Ask about our FREE web based user account
Download Killer Mobile TotalRecall v3.2.1

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Google Maps v2.3.0.9

Cruising around looking for a nearby coffee shop?
Driving to that new restaurant but can't remember which street to turn right on? Now you can get business locations, maps and directions while you're on the go. And it's all free.

Real-time traffic
See where the congestion is, and estimate delays in over 30 major US metropolitan areas.

Detailed directions
Whether you plan to walk or drive, your route is displayed on the map itself, together with step-by-step directions.

Integrated search results
Local business locations and contact information appear all in one place, integrated on your map.

Easily movable maps
Interactive maps let you zoom in or out, and move in all directions so you can orient yourself visually.

Satellite imagery
Get a bird's eye view of your desired location(It's like you're there, we swear.)

Download Google Maps v2.3.0.9

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MobileDVD v2.00

With MobileDVD you can convert desktop video files and watch them on your S60 phone. Amazingly whole movies fit on a memory card as small as 128 Mb.
Locate and open the video file in MobileDVD desktop converter.

Let MobileDVD make the file smaller and optimize it for your phone model.

Transfer the new video to your mobile through Bluetooth or cable

Enjoy the video on your mobile handset.

Download MobileDVD v2.00

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Opera Mini 4.2

Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone. Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, search with Google, get your e-mail on the go, do your online banking. There are no limits — Opera Mini is the quick, easy and secure way to get any Web page you want.

New in Opera Mini 4.2
  • Skins
Personalize Opera Mini by choosing a new colorful skin.
  • Video
We are working to make video content available on more phones through Opera Mini. If you have a new Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone, the chance is high that you can take Opera Mini for a spin on m.youtube.com.
  • Performance
Opera Mini 4.2 can use our newly established server park in the US. This means significantly faster page page downloads for users in the Americas and Asia-Pacific region.
  • Sync your Notes
Opera Link support for notes, allowing users to sync their notes between the PC and Opera Mini.

Download Opera Mini 4.2

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Xilisoft Video Cutter

Xilisoft Video Cutter is powerful video cutter software which could assist you to select and cut video segments of your favorite file, and cut out the segments you dislike.

Xilisoft Video Cutter can make video cut of all popular video formats such as DAT (the video format used in VCD), AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/PSP AVC, MOV, ASF, etc. To help on how to cut video, the video cutter software allows you to set the begin-point and end-point accurately, and offers low priority conversion in background mode and the function to specify the After Done action.

Xilisoft Video Cutter is so easy to operate and fast to finish video cut tasks with the best output quality. Free download Xilisoft Video Cutter and enjoy video cut right now.

Main Functions:

  • Cut video, select and cut video segments of your favorite file, and cut out the segments you do not want. It makes video cut to perfect your movies and videos.
  • AVI cutter, MPEG/MP4 cutter, WMV cutter, can cut video of all popular video formats like DAT, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.264/PSP AVC, MOV, ASF, etc.
Key Features:
  • It supports previewing the original files and the output files;
  • On how to cut video using Xilisoft Video Cutter, you could set the begin-point and end-point super accurately;
  • The video cut software offers low priority conversion in background mode;
  • Multiple After Done actions are provided for you to designate the status after all video cut tasks are finished;
  • It supports different kinds of skins for your choice;
  • Multi-language version: English, Japanese, German and Chinese are provided.
Download Xilisoft Video Cutter

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Outlook Recovery Toolbox

Outlook Recovery Toolbox is a software product for restoring destroyed or damaged data files of Microsoft Outlook mail client included into the Microsoft Office package. Outlook stores its data in PST or OST files; these files contain messages, contacts, tasks, notes, appointments, and journals. Outlook Recovery Toolbox reads the damaged PST or OST file, identifies and restores information in the file. Outlook Recovery Toolbox saves the recovered information in a new PST file or in several files, each one being maximum 1 Gb large.

The folder structure of new PST files is similar to the original data structure of the damaged files. Messages and other objects are recovered with attachments, if they have any.

The program is a simple, clear and easy to use wizard. PST files created by Outlook Recovery Toolbox can be easily transported and added to Outlook. An important feature of the program is that it does not re-index, modify or delete initial data files. The recovering Outlook emails, contacts, notes, appointment and tasks is just coping all objects into new PST files (or .eml, .vcf and .txt files). The tool can recover Outlook emails and save it as .eml files.

The software can read and convert Offline Storage files (.ost files) of Microsoft Exchange to .pst files of Microsoft Outlook (convert .ost to .pst files, convert ost to pst). Outlook Recovery Toolbox is the ost to pst converter (convert .ost to .pst, convert ost to pst) and the ost recovery tool too.

Download Outlook Recovery Toolbox

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Make Xp Genuine

Make Xp Genuine 4ever 100 % works,simple with 2 steps.

Download Make XP Genuine

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WAV MP3 Converter

1. Convert WAV to MP3
The MP3 converter converts your WAV files into MP3 format for reducing file size, saving disk space and playing them in your MP3 player. And the software supports 30+ audio/video formats and converts to MP3 formats.

2. Convert MP3 to WAV
If you want to burn your MP3 onto a CD and play in your CD player you should convert them into WAV format first by the WAV converter.

3. Resample MP3 and WAV files
WAV MP3 Converter can encode MP3 and WAV with different parameters (like sample frequency, bit rate and channels). You can set a low sample frequency, low bit rate or mono channel to reduce file size.

4. CD Ripper
WAV MP3 Converter is a great CD ripper that rips audio CD to MP3 and WAV formats easily and quickly.

5. ID3 tag
WAV MP3 Converter can add ID3 tag (includes title, artist, album, year, comment and genre) when converting files to MP3/MP4/M4A/M4B. The software also supports to keep ID3 tag (includes ID3v1 and ID3v2) of original files when converting.

6. Change sound volume
If the sound of your WAV or MP3 files is so low or high, you can use the software to amplify or reduce the sound.

7. Split left and right channels into two files
Many karaoke songs got the music on one channel and music + voice on the other channel, and this would be a way to create files with only music on both channels and also to create files with music + voice on both channels. You can get rid of a channel of a stereo file by the program.

8. Batch conversion
WAV MP3 Converter supports batch conversion. You can add multiple MP3/WAV files or a folder, or drag and drop several MP3/WAV files and folders onto its main window; it will search all MP3 and WAV files and add them to list, and convert in batch.

9. Output destination files to another folder or driver and keep path of original files
If you have bulk of MP3 or WAV files within different folders, and you want to convert them to another format or resample them and output to another folder or driver and keep the original tree path, you can use the feature we designed for you.

10. No experience of WAV and MP3 necessary
WAV MP3 Converter is very easy-to-use without knowledge of WAV and MP3.

Download WAV MP3 Converter

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 5.5.3

Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the finished page will display exactly the way it was designed. The program generates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags while you point and click on desired functions; you can create a web page without learning HTML. Just drag and drop objects to the page position them 'anywhere' you want and when you're finished publish it to your web server (using the built in Publish tool). Web Builder gives you full control over the content and layout of your web page.

WYSIWYG Web Builder features:

  • No HTML knowledge needed!
  • Drag and drop objects from the toolbox on the page anywhere you like!
  • Site Management. Easily add, edit, clone and structure your web pages from a single file.
  • Customizable menus, toolbars, keyboard accelerators, dockable windows, tabs, autohide windows.
  • Form layout object to create forms, including actions, hidden fields etc.
  • Supports Form fields: Editbox, TextArea, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Combobox and Button.
  • Form Wizard to create form in 4 steps. Select from a dozen ready-to-use forms.
  • Rich text support: text object can contain different fonts, colors, links and sizes.
  • Custom HTML object to insert your own HTML or Javascripts.
  • ActiveX, JAVA, Flash, Windows Media player, Quicktime, Real Audio and other Plug-In support.
  • Publish your entire web site, a single page or a group of pages (to local drive or a web server) .
  • Built-in Photo Gallery maker, with lots of cool features like picture frames!
  • Built-in Banner maker.
  • Rollover images.
  • Bulleted Lists: Circle, Disc, Square, Numeric (1, 2, 3), Alpha (a, b, c) , Roman (I, II, III) and custom images.
  • Image maps.
  • Customize scrollbar colors for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Navigation bars.
  • Tab Menus.
  • Slide Menus.
  • Ready-to-use Javascripts.
  • Template support. Already more than 100 templates available!
  • Insert Symbols (special characters).
  • Slide Show component .
  • Support for third-party add-ons, using the Web Builder Component Developers Kit.
  • Import existing HTML pages.
  • Hyperlink Style Sheet, to customize the colors/formatting of hyperlinks.
  • Built-in Popup support.
  • Show optional rulers and ruler guides.
  • Page transitions in Page Properties.
  • Inline Frame component (IFRAME).
  • Go menu: easily create a drop-down navigation menus.
  • Menubar: powerful menu script that can mimic complex menus found in popular GUI applications.
  • Shape object (Rectangle, Round rect, Ellipse, Diamond, Hexagon, Octagon, Parallelogram, Triangle, Trapezoid, Arrows, Flag, Flower, Heart, Signs, Stars, Talk Bubbles and much more!).
  • Embedded OLE component.
  • Master page object. This allows you to re-use objects from other pages (master page concept).
  • Layer Object for advanced layout possibilities.
  • Find/Replace for text objects.
  • Validation tools for form components: EditBox, Combobox and TextArea.
  • Rotation for shapes and images.
  • Properties Inspector for quick object manipulation.
  • Ability to group/ungroup objects.
  • Image tools: Contrast, Brightness, Hue/Saturation, Flip, Rotate, Resample, Crop and Stencils.
  • Image effects: GrayScale, Negative, Sepia, Blur, Soften, Sharpen, Noise, Emboss and more!
  • Drawing tools: Line, Line + Arrows, Scribble, Polygon, Curve and Closed Curve.
  • Photo gallery border styles/ photo frames.
  • Images, shapes and form controls have a new Events Page, to easily add actions to object events!
  • The PayPal eCommerce Tools are the quickest and easiest way to add eCommerce to your web site!
  • RSS Feed object with podcast option.
  • Blog with built-in RSS feed option.
  • Google compatible sitemap generator
  • and much much more!
Download WYSIWYG Web Builder 5.5.3

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Driver: L.A. Undercover

You are Tanner, an undercover cop whose mission is to topple the Los Angeles Mafia. For the first time on mobile, ride through a huge 3D city and dive right into the heart of even more explosive action thanks to the new 3D view, just like in console games. Get ready for ultra-risky missions on foot and by car in the heart of Los Angeles, where you'll infiltrate gangs, protect informants, and chase bank robbers at breakneck speeds in hellish road pursuits worthy of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters! Tanner, get ready to do whatever it takes to protect your cover and bring down the big fishes of the City of Angels.

Download Driver: L.A. Undercover [240x320]

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Platinum Solitaire

Discover Gameloft's fantastic new adaptation of Solitaire, one of the most popular card games ever made!

Following the success of Gameloft's Solitaire, Platinum Solitaire® now offers you the chance to play at some of the hottest gaming tables in Casino mode.

The hours will fly by when you're playing this exciting new version of the old classic!

Download Platinum Solitaire [240x320]

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Miami Nights: Singles in the City

You spend your days dreaming about a golden existence in Miami, living the good life in your multi-million dollar estate, surrounded by famous people, adored by your fans. But for now, all of this is just a dream! You live in Miami, but in a crummy apartment. Even worse, your landlord is on your back, because you couldn't pay this month's rent. It's time for you to venture out of your apartment and make your way through the city to meet its residents and discover its various areas, from the dark alleys to the dream beaches, from the residential neighborhoods to the glamour of the trendiest clubs and luxury hotels. You'll undoubtedly be able to find not only a solution to your current financial problems, but also the path to becoming the star that you've always dreamed of being.

Download Miami Nights: Singles in the City [240x320]

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NBA Pro Basketball 2009

  • Authentic NBA action: real teams, real players;
  • Easy-to-pick-up gameplay; instantly experience high-level basketball;
  • Take part in the 2008 All-Star weekend events;
  • Hit the court for one game or a whole thrilling season;
  • Change your strategy in real time.
Download NBA Pro Basketball 2009 [240x320]

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Blumentals WeBuilder 2008 v9.4.1.103

Key Features

  • Speed - loads very quickly
  • Sophisticated, fully customizable and familiar text editor
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML
  • Syntax highlighting for ASP.Net, C#.Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL
  • UTF-8 Unicode Support
  • Advanced HTML editing with Auto Complete, Inspector and other tools
  • Advanced CSS editing with built-in CSS editor More info
  • Advanced JavaScript editing with built-in JavaScript editor More info
  • Advanced PHP editing with built-in PHP editor More info
  • Debug PHP code with xDebug debugger More info
  • Code snippet library More info
  • Save and open files directly from FTP More info
  • Project management and FTP publishing
  • Matching bracket highlighting
  • SQL database connectivity (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase) More info
  • Search and Replace with Regular Expression Support
  • Search and Replace in files
  • Spell Checker for text in HTML code and TXT files
  • Code collapse
  • Multi Item Clipboard
  • Ready to use Code Templates
  • Countless goodies (block select, line highlighting, text indentation etc.)
Download Blumentals WeBuilder 2008 v9.4.1.103

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Evil Sign Anti Booter for Yahoo Messenger

Download Evil Sign Anti Booter for Yahoo Messenger

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Anti Booter V3 for Yahoo Messenger

Download Anti Booter V3 for Yahoo Messenger

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Partition Recovery Boot Disk

With this toolrebuilding your drive is simple. If your system claims it has an “invalid drive specification or missing operating system” or you have accidentally deleted a partition in FDisk or lost a Mac OS partition and need mac data recovery, you can easily repair the problem with It. It is completely data-safe, a claim which cannot be made by almost 90% of free data recovery software currently available on the web.

Download Partition Recovery Boot Disk

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Blumentals HTMLPad 2008 Pro v9.4.1.103

HTMLPad is a sophisticated all-in-one HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML editor, trusted by thousands of professional web developers and learners in over 50 countries.

Clean and convenient interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features allow you to create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript code faster and easier than ever, while integrated tools enable you to validate, reuse, navigate and deploy your code in an efficient and sophisticated manner. Built-in CSS editor enables you to easily create and edit cascading style sheets of any size and complexity. Built-in JavaScript editor makes it easy to handle JavaScript.

Why HTMLPad 2007?

  • Learn how HTMLPad 2007 gives you an edge
  • View HTMLPad 2007 testimonials
Key Features
  • The most complete HTML and XHTML editor available today
  • Advanced, fully customizable and familiar text editor
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, Perl
  • Compliance with HTML, XHTML and various CSS standards
  • UTF-8 Unicode support
  • Advanced CSS editing with built-in CSS editor More info
  • Advanced JavaScript editing with built-in JavaScript editor More info
  • Code Auto Complete for HTML tags More info
  • Code Auto Complete for CSS More info
  • Code Inspector for HTML tags More info
  • Code Inspector for CSS More info
  • Instant preview for HTML and CSS
  • Code generators and helpers
  • Code Library More info
  • Project management and publishing to FTP
  • FTP connectivity More info
  • Spell Checker More info
  • Ready to use Code Templates
  • Search and Replace with Regular Expression Support
  • Find and Replace in files More info
  • Integration with CSE HTML Validator
  • Code collapse
  • Multi Item Clipboard More info
  • Countless goodie features (bracket matching, line highlighting, text indentation...)
Download Blumentals HTMLPad 2008 Pro v9.4.1.103

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YouTube for Mobile v1.4.2

Access millions of YouTube videos at any time right from your mobile phone. This downloadable application puts YouTube in your pocket.

  • Which videos are hot?
  • Access the latest, the best and the most viewed videos.
  • Search...
  • ...and watch any YouTube video.
  • Stay tuned
  • Watch your subscriptions, playlists and favorite videos any time.
  • Upload
  • Upload videos directly from your mobile phone.
Download YouTube for Mobile v1.4.2

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile is a convenient and reliable solution that protects smartphones from malicious programs that target mobile platforms.

Advantages :

  • Real-time antivirus scanning
  • Anti-spam for SMS/EMS/MMS
  • Fast and discreet performance
  • Automatic database updates
Features :
  • On-demand antivirus scanning of the smartphone’s internal memory and extension cards
  • Automatic scanning of all incoming or modified SMS, MMS, email items and executable files
  • Full antivirus scans on a schedule defined by the user
  • Free technical support on issues related to installing, activating, configuring and using the product
Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile

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uTorrent Booster!

uTorrent Turbo Booster is a recent plug-in designed to improve the functionality of probably the most popular P2P file sharing application around – uTorrent. This tool comes equipped with modern technology that aims at getting your download speed way up so you can grab the files you want so badly much quicker than you’ve been used to. Movies, music, games, applications, you name it - uTorrent Turbo Booster will deliver at a fast pace. It will be there doing its job in the background without upsetting any other activity you might perform on your computer.

Download uTorrent Booster!

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Zards Startup Defender

Zards Startup Defender is a small program that sits in your Windows tray and constantly monitors the startup locations on your PC. If a program tries to write itself into any startup location Startup Defender will popup a windows and ask if the program is aloud to place itself to start automatically with Windows. Also you can disable/enable any programs that are currently installed to startup auotmatically. If there is an entry you are not sure what it is then you can Google it to see if it is needed or even harmful and choose if you want it to load at startup or not. For the annoying programs that try to repeatedly place themselves in the autorun for Windows you can click the auto block so that Startup Defender stops them with out you having to bother with them any more.

Download Zards Startup Defender

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Rapid Hack 3.7

No More Download Limit!!
Rapid Hacker can hack/crack/bypass waiting limit at Rapidshare.com and Rapidshare.de. Just copy-paste the Rapidshare link and get unlimited downloads.

Download Rapid Hack 3.7

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Nero Portable

Nero 7 Premium Reloaded is the newest edition of Nero’s award-winning digital home entertainment suite. With 20 applications in one attractively-priced solution, Nero 7 Premium Reloaded is Certified for Windows Vista™* and offers the digital media beginner and expert alike the opportunity to burn, create, edit, share, connect, and enjoy their creations on their PC or TV using a remote control. This updated version of the original Nero 7 Premium brings you into the digital future with added features such as free VoIP telephony, mobile software for any portable device, unlimited MP3 support, and Blu-ray and HD DVD disc data recording capabilities. As always, Nero offers continual free updates of Nero 7 Premium Reloaded to keep you current on all the latest technology to help you manage your digital lifestyle.

Nero 7 Premium Reloaded is the right choice for your digital lifestyle

  • Certified for Windows Vista™
  • 20 applications in one attractively-priced solution
  • Free VoIP telephony
  • Media center for mobile devices
  • Unlimited MP3 support
  • Blu-ray and HD DVD disc data recording capabilities
  • Continual free updates
No instalation needed!

Download Nero Portable

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Portable Internet Download Manager 5.15 Build 6

What's new in version 5.15 build 6? (Released: Jan 22, 2009)

We have added these features in response to IDM user requests.

  • Added IDM download panel to IE web-players based on Microsoft Silverlight component
  • Fixed a bug with "Download with IDM" in IE and Firefox when selected links had spaces in Internet addresses
  • Improved recognition of mp3 music in Flash player
  • Added support for Google Chrome 2
  • Fixed other bugs
Download Portable Internet Download Manager 5.15

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Error Repair Professional v3.9.2

Error Repair Professional keeps your PC operating smoothly by using Error Repair Professional to scan, identify, clean and repair errors in your PC with a single click. With a few easy steps, it will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provides a list of the registry errors found. You can then choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair them all.

Download Error Repair Professional v3.9.2

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SmartMovie v3.41

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device.


  • Standard AVI format, allowing you to preview converted files on your PC.
  • Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing full screen size of the device.
  • Rescaling of video to utilize full-screen area.
  • PC converter allows you to split video file into multiple segments, so that it fits onto your memory card, if not entire, then cut to more parts - you may watch your favorite video in parts, e.g. while traveling to work/school.
  • Support for subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages.
  • Friendly PC converter - preview videos on PC, select parts you want to convert, alter quality.
  • Supports DirectShow codecs, so you may use video codecs downloadable from the internet.
  • Very fast conversion; on standard PC conversion is 5x faster than video clip playback time. You'll convert entire movie in just a few minutes
  • Bicubic rescale algorithm shrinks video to small screen size in best possible quality.
  • Adjustable quality parameters for video and audio streams, allowing tuning target video to your needs.
  • Customizable video Player (brightness, language, volume, and more).
Download SmartMovie v3.41

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EA Mobile SimCity Metropolis v1.23.84

As recently appointed major it is your role to keep your cities Sims happy. Determine the look and feel of your city as you watch the cities neighbourhoods evolve. Choose from an extensive range of buildings and shape the residential, financial, cultural and industrial districts. Be sure to manage your assets wisely as you solve humorous scenarios and handle unexpected crises.

Download EA Mobile SimCity Metropolis v1.23.84

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Lonely Cat Games X-plore v1.30

X-plore is a file manager for mobile devices, with wide range of functions on phone's file system. This software is shareware, with friendly price and relaxed registration option.

Use the unregistered version as long as you wish. If you like the application, please buy it - you'll get faster application startup and close, customer support, free upgrades, and you'll help us to further improve this application.


  • View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view *
  • Integrated text and image viewer
  • View file details
  • Edit file attributes (hidder, read-only, etc)
  • Rename and delete files
  • Create or edit text files
  • Create folders
  • Multi-selection
  • Copy or move files and folders
  • Send files by Bluetooth or Infrared
  • Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
  • Pack files to Zip archive
  • View Word documents
  • Hardware device info
  • View processes and tasks
  • Built-in program update
  • Viewing, saving files in Messaging folders
  • Hex viewer and editor
  • Search files
  • Folder hotkeys
  • Simple audio player
  • Simple video player
Supported devices:

S60: Nokia 3230, 6260, 6290, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, N90, Panasonic X700, X800

Download Lonely Cat Games X-plore v1.30

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Hide Files and Folders v3.2

Hide Files and Folders is a great easy-to-use password-protected security utility working at Windows kernel level you can use to password-protect certain files and folders, or to hide them securely from viewing and searching just with a click of mouse. Upon accessing any protected file or folder, dialog box querying password appears on the screen. If valid password entered, user gets access to the file or folder, otherwise not. Hide Files and Folders does not modify your media: in protecting your files or folders, it just uses a high-reliability VXD driver working at Windows kernel level. This guarantees that Hide Files and Folders will never lose your data, as may happen if you use other file- and folder-protecting software. Due to unique technology, the program also lets you protect system files and folders such as the Windows System, Registry and Swap files. Go ahead! Download the program right now! You will find it very easy to use.

Download Hide Files and Folders v3.2

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BestAddress HTML Editor 2009 Professional v14.0.0

Create your websites with this multi-award-winning Web design and development software program, used by Web authors for over 6 years! With three editing mode options: visual editing (also known as WYSIWYG), code editing (HTML, CSS and PHP) and split-screen preview and code editing functionality - it's like having three HTML editors in one! Unlike many other HTML editors, the BestAddress HTML Editor even includes DigitalAccess FTP, so you can upload your files to the Web without needing to buy additional FTP software.

Design, upload and maintain your website with a huge range of easy to use functions, tutorials for beginners, free updates, integrated technical support contact capabilities, a dedicated Customer Benefits program and much more. With over 70 major features, many of which aren't found in other HTML editors, it's no surprise why the Best Address HTML Editor is the number one Web editing software choice for beginners and experts alike!

Features include:

  • Three HTML editors in one: visual editing (WYSIWYG - meaning "What You See Is What You Get"), code mode, and split-screen code and live preview.
  • Templates included
  • HTML tutorials included for beginners
  • Free technical support - even from within the software itself
  • DigitalAccessTM FTP software included for uploading your website's files
  • Site project capabilities
  • Spell checking
  • DHTML menu editor
  • HTML code syntax checking
  • Ability to open and save directly from the Web
  • Image map editing
  • Source code securing: helps prevent unauthorised code and design copying
  • Mange tasks you need to complete with the to-do list
  • Comprehensive help
  • Regular software updates: we strive to provide our customers with more features than other HTML editors offer.
  • We release regular free updates to give you access to the latest features.
  • And over 70 other major features, many unique and not found in other HTML editors!
Download BestAddress HTML Editor 2009 Professional v14.0.0

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HTTP Analyzer v3.3.2.183

IEInspector HTTP Analyzer is such a handy tool that allows you to monitor, trace, debug and analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It is used by industry-leading companies including Micro$oft, Cisco, AOL and Google.

It can trace and display wide range of information, including Header, Timing, Content, Cookies, Query Strings, Post data, Request and Response Stream, redirection URLs and more. It has a request builder that enables you to handcraft a HTTP/HTTPS Request. It also provides cache information and session clearing, as well as HTTP status code information and several filtering options. A useful developer tool for performance analysis, debugging and diagnostics.

Download HTTP Analyzer v3.3.2.183

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PCMAV Antivirus v1.92 Plus Clamav Engine 0.94.2

Kill all brontok, its varians and other Viruses without damage all your files and system.

Download PCMAV Antivirus v1.92 Plus Clamav Engine 0.94.2

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SpyBot - Search & Destroy

Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer. Spybot also can clean program and Web-usage tracks from your system, which is especially useful if you share your computer. Modules chosen for removal can be sent directly to the included file shredder, ensuring complete elimination from your system. For advanced users, it allows you to fix Registry inconsistencies related to adware and to malicious program installations. The handy online-update feature ensures that Spybot always has the most current and complete listings of adware, dialers, and other uninvited system residents.

Download SpyBot - Search & Destroy

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Password Generator Professional 2008 5.37

Powerful and secure random password & serial number generator

If you need thousands, or millions of passwords, random numbers, coupon codes or serial numbers, what will you do? Instead of typing them yourself, or relying on some unsecure "random number generator" to do it, let Password Generator Professional do the job for you.

Password Generator Professional can generate millions of unique passwords in a matter of seconds. It will ensure the passwords are completely random, and cannot be guessed by hackers.

You will be able to customize the format of the passwords in virtually any way you want, and you have a wide range of export possibilities.

Features Highlight

Quickly Generate Secure Passwords
Set the length and number of passwords you need, and press "Generate" to get going.

Use Flexible Masking Patterns
Use masked mode to fine tune your results.

Enjoy Word List and Dictionary Support
Grab words from files, modify and use them as you please.

Make Easy To Remember Passwords
Make pronounceable passwords that are easy to remember.

Make Secure, Random Numbers
The generation algorithm creates high quality random numbers using a twisted generalized shift feedback register.

Make Command-line Calls to Password Generator
Commandline support allows integration with your own system.

Run user-created scripts
You can use VBScript scripts to modify the generated passwords as you like.

Multiple Output Options
Export to text, XML, HTML, CSV and Microsoft Excel, print to paper and copy to clipboard.

Create Complete Login Details
Create user names or grab them from files and assign passwords.

Save to Multiple Files
You can generate long password lists into separate files, making them easier to manage.

Additional Features

  • Lightning fast generation of up to 1 billion unique passwords
  • Generate with phonetic spelling
  • Generate the hexadecimal version of passwords
  • Store options and patterns in templates
  • Preview passwords before generating
  • Filter out weak passwords
  • Filter out specific characters
  • Customize character sets
Download Password Generator Professional 2008 5.37

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Total Commander 7.04

Many Windows users stay with the standard applications included in the operating system for their most common tasks, like managing files with the integrated File Explorer. However, there are alternative file managers that can also help you to do the job – and sometimes even better than Windows Explorer! Total Commander is one of them.

First of all, be warned that Total Commander is intended for medium to advanced users, and especially for those who like working mainly via keyboard shortcuts. It's not that Total Commander can't be used with your mouse; it's just that it's optimized to be keyboard-controlled.

Total Commander doesn't have what we could describe as an eye-catching design. In fact, it looks pretty dull. It does, however, support three possible views (Full, Brief and Tree) and also uses a double-pane interface, which seem to be quite a common characteristic among other alternative file managers.

This double pane allows you to perform file management tasks like moving and copying in a much more comfortable way. But Total Commander has other aces up its sleeve. It includes extra integrated applications like an FTP client, a ZIP viewer, a renaming tool, a disk space analyzer and a file synchronizer. Another great tool I found to be especially interesting is one that allows you to control, manage and edit file associations so they're not suddenly messed up by a program that you just installed.

Like we said before, Total Commander is intended to be used mainly with your keyboard. This is why it offers handy shortcuts for common tasks like viewing, editing, copying, moving or deleting files. But if you find it hard to abandon your mouse, don't worry: you can use the icons on the program's toolbar as shortcuts for Notepad, Wordpad and the Control Panel, and also add your own shortcuts to your favorite applications via the Configuration > Button bar menu. In fact, Total Commander has such an exhaustive configuration menu that you'll be able to tweak every single detail of the program.

In all, Total Commander is an excellent application that could almost be described as a professional file manager for the advanced user. If you prefer more simple apps then you’d better stick to Windows Explorer.

Download TotaL Commander 7.04

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Xilisoft MKV Converter

Converting MKV file to AVI, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox won't bother you any more since you have Xilisoft MKV Converter. With Xilisoft MKV Converter you will be able to convert MKV file (Matroska Video) to AVI and other popular video formats like H.264/AVC, WMV, DivX, MP4, XviD and MOV, or extract MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC or M4A music file from MKV file to enjoy them on various digital players now.

Take full advantage of a wide range of settings in this MKV converter to assist your MKV file conversion: split one MKV file to several, compress a large MKV file to smaller one, and output multiple files from one MKV file simultaneously and so on. Now, load your MKV files into Xilisoft MKV Converter, and luxuriate yourself in these MKV files wherever you go.

Here are some key features of "Xilisoft MKV Converter":
  • Convert MKV files to video and audio
  • Convert MKV to AVI, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, XviD, MOV and such video formats, or get MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC or M4A audio from MKV files.
  • Put MKV files on various digital devices
  • Easily put MKV files and movies on iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, XBOX, Zune or other MP4 players with this MKV converter.
  • Turn photos into video
  • Load any precious photos you collected from journey or party, and make them into a video for easier watching on digital players.
  • High conversion speed
  • Capable of detecting CPU automatically and processing each task with multi-core, this MKV converter can convert MKV file in higher speed than any other similar software.
  • Convert one to multiple files simultaneously
  • The easiest way to get multiple files with different formats or settings from one MKV file is to set multiple profiles for one original file at one time and convert all of them in one click.
  • Split and compress file
  • Either splitting a large MKV file into several by given split time or size or compressing it to any size with the Bitrate Calculator makes it easy to get the output file with the wanted size.
  • Convert certain segment
  • Get rid of the ads, trailers, heads or other unwanted segment of the MKV file just by setting the start point and duration in the advanced settings.
  • More settings adjustable
  • Xilisoft MKV Converter supports much more settings to help you realize the output file customization: video codec, video size, bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, channels, and so on.
  • Batch process and multithreading supported
  • Check all the MKV files you want to convert, and hit one button to convert MKV to AVI and various video formats in multithreading and multi-processing mode.
  • Run the MKV converter in background and set after done action
  • Run the MKV converter in background to save more CPU resources to do other important things, and set after done action ahead of conversion to save time on waiting and let the conversion alone.
  • Extra features provided
  • Preview source DVD movie and take snapshot when preview; select skin and language to change product appearance; and much more features
Download Xilisoft MKV Converter

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Kaspersky Mobile Secuirty v7.0.32 Unsigned

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a convenient and reliable solution that protects smartphones from Internet attacks, malicious programs that target mobile platforms and SMS spam. It also provides protection for confidential data stored on a smartphone should the device be lost or stolen.


Anti-theft protection:
Protection of personal data for a lost or stolen smartphone. To protect personal data stored on a smartphone if it is lost, a user can block his/her smartphone or delete files, messages, and the list of contacts remotely. The user can also find out who the “new owner” of the lost device is.

In the event of the loss of a smartphone, a user can send a “hidden SMS message” to it, which blocks access to the smartphone until a pre-set password is entered.

This function is similar to the SMS-Block feature, but, rather than blocking the smartphone, it cleans the device’s memory and memory cards.

SIM Watch.
The SMS-Block and SMS-Clean functions are only available if a smartphone is enabled and the original SIM card is installed. If a smartphone is stolen, the “new owner” will most likely immediately replace the original SIM card. The SMS Watch function will prevent the “new owner” from accessing any personal data without the initial SIM card inserted in the device. If the initial SIM card is replaced with a new one, the SMS Watch function will send the original user the new telephone number of the device without the “new owner’s” knowledge.

Antivirus protection:
All incoming or modified SMS, MMS and email items are automatically scanned for malicious programs. On-demand scanning of the mobile device is available at any time. The user can pre-set the best time for antivirus scanning and it will be performed automatically. If an infected object is detected, it is stored in the quarantine folder or deleted.

The user can select one of the integrated IP firewall protection levels. Depending on the level selected, one or more connections will be restricted to provide user security.

Anti-spam for SMS/EMS/MMS.
Telephone numbers of known spam sources, any incorrect numbers (for example, text numbers) or unwanted words or phrases can be added to a blacklist to ensure that such messages are always blocked. You can also add the addresses from your contact list to a white list. In the Symbian version, MMS messages are also filtered.

Automatic updates.
Antivirus databases are updated automatically at intervals set by the user. Updates are available via WAP/HTTP (GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, etc.) or via a PC during synchronization.

System Requirements
Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 Series 60 (Nokia smartphones only)

Download Kaspersky Mobile Secuirty v7.0.32

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Lonely Cat Games X-Plore v1.22

X-plore is a file manager for Symbian phones, with wide range of functions on phone's file system.

  • View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view *
  • Integrated text and image viewer
  • View file details
  • Edit file attributes (hidder, read-only, etc)
  • Rename and delete files
  • Create or edit text files
  • Create folders
  • Multi-selection
  • Copy or move files and folders
  • Send files by Bluetooth or Infrared
  • Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
  • Pack files to Zip archive
  • View Word documents
  • Hardware device info
  • View processes and tasks **
  • Built-in program update
  • Viewing, saving files in Messagning folders
  • Hex viewer and editor
  • Search files
Folder hotkeys
* Protected folders on Symbian 9.x are not accessible
** Available only on Symbian 6/7/8

The inside of your file cabinet is less than stellar, but never fear: the disorganization that affects your office doesn't have to affect your phone! With X-plore, you can easily manage, organize or even garbage your files. Plus, view current processes, tasks, messages, zip files and more. Sorting files and folders is as easy as clicking a button, and transferring files couldn't be easier with Bluetooth and infrared capabilities. Now, about that file cabinet...

Download Lonely Cat Games X-Plore v1.22 s60v3

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WinRAR 3.80

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager (Win32, Linux, Mac). RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can. WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. This will save you disc space, transmission costs AND valuable working time as well. WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files. WinRAR automatically recognizes and selects the best compression method. The special compression algorithm compresses multimedia files, executables and object libraries particularly well.

Features of WinRAR:
  • Using WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression by consistently making smaller archives than the competition, saving disk space and transmission costs.
  • WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.
  • WinRAR offers a graphic interactive interface utilizing mouse and menus as well as the command line interface.
  • WinRAR is easier to use than many other archivers with the inclusion of a special "Wizard" mode which allows instant access to the basic archiving functions through a simple question and answer procedure. This avoids confusion in the early stages of use.
  • WinRAR offers you the benefit of industry strength archive encryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key of 128 bits.
  • WinRAR supports files and archives up to 8,589 billion gigabytes in size. The number of archived files is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.
  • WinRAR offers the ability to create selfextracting and multivolume archives.
  • Recovery record and recovery volumes allow to reconstruct even physically damaged archives.
  • WinRAR features are constantly being developed to keep WinRAR ahead of the pack.
Download WinRAR 3.80

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Anyview v3.2.26

Anyview is a free ebook reader for mobile phones. Anyview is written in Java, therefore should run on any phone that supports Java, and supports the JSR-75 standard. It is known to run successfully on more than 100 phone models from SonyEricsson, Motorola, and Nokia.

Anyview Features
  • It can read files of type TXT, HTML, PDB and UMD comic format as well as display GIF, JPEG and PNG files.
  • Can handle UTF-8, GB2312 and Unicode - so can display Spanish and other language texts. 
  • Fully touch screen enabled (for those phones with touch screens)
  • Very fast and responsive
  • Can open files directly from your phone - no need to add text file into jar file (as you have to do with most other ebook readers)
  • Has great page turning capability - you use 2/8 keys (or touch page) for page scroll and 4/6 keys (or use joystick) for line scroll. You can also turn on automatic scrolling.
  • Has Search, Jump to and bookmark features - everything you would expect of an ebook reader.
  • It supports reading directly from ZIP files - so your ebooks can take up less space on your phone.
  • Provides flexible customization capabilities with more than 50 user-customizable settings such as font size, colors, screen layout, etc. These preferences can be saved in Settings files and you can set up multiple settings files for use with different document types.
Download Anyview v3.2.26

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MMC File Recovery

FileRecovery for MultiMediaCard recover lost data from MultiMediaCard used by digital cameras & mobiles.

If you have unintentionally deleted or formatted pictures, videos or sound files on your data medium or have pulled it out during a write operation, not to worry - FileRecovery for MultiMediaCard can easily, quickly and absolutely reliably reconstruct the lost data.

Features include

  • Recovers deleted data
  • Recovers data from formatted MultiMediaCard
  • Recovers data from corrupted MultiMediaCard
  • Supports all formats of pictures, videos and sound files
  • Supports all types of MultiMediaCard
  • Works with all devices and card readers
  • Super EASY and FAST
  • Supports all Windows versions, including Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Free technical support
  • and many more!
Download MMC File Recovery

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Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter 4.3.0119

Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter is a powerful 3GP converter that will help you convert almost all popular video formats to 3GP/3G2/MP4 video clips and play them in mobile phone or other software 3GP player.

No other program can convert so many video formats including DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, MKV, OGM, SVCD, VCD, VOB to 3GP 3G2 H263 MP4 format.

Ultra Mobile 3GP Video is an extremely easy to use video converter which can convert AVI to 3GP, MPEG to 3GP, WMV to 3GP, MOV to 3GP, RM to 3GP, etc. It helps you watch music video and movies on your mobile phone with easy. With variable settings and fast converting speed, it is an affordable, high quality 3GP video encoder.

Here are some key features of "Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter":
  • Video source supports DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM, RMVB, MOV, ASX, MKV, OGM, SVCD, VCD, VOB any video format play-able.
  • All supported video to 3GP format.
  • All supported video to 3G2 format.
  • All supported video to H263 format.
  • All supported video to MP4 format.
  • All supported video to AVI format.
  • All supported video to DivX format.
  • Setting Profiles realize 1-click to be professional
  • Batch files conversion
  • Inside 3GP/MP4 H263 encoder
  • High-speed encoder ensures smooth conversion of video and audio data.
  • Direct any video files to 3GP format without losing quality.
  • Movie scene spot edit-able.
  • Support various subtitle file
  • Keep the original aspect ratio or resize movie to fit the Mobile Phone monitor resolution.
  • Custom define the output audio volume.
  • Support Drag and Drop
  • Preview source clips
  • Shutdown computer automatically when job is done
  • Simple GUI and very EASY to use
Download Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter 4.3.0119

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SmartMovie Converter v4.00

Play your videos on your mobile device,anywhere, anytime, you need just a few steps
  • Convert any video file on your PC into a phone-friendly video file
  • Upload video into device/memory card
  • Play the video in SmartMovie Player installed on your mobile device
  • Standard AVI format, allowing you to preview converted files on your PC
  • Also plays MP4V and 3GP file formats
  • Player uses the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode, utilizing full screen size of the device
  • Rescaling of video to utilize full-screen area
  • Support for subtitles - allowing you to watch movies in different languages
  • Friendly PC converter - preview videos on PC, select parts you want to convert, change conversion quality
  • Converter supports DirectShow codecs, so you may use video codecs downloadable from the internet
  • Fast conversion; on standard PC conversion is 5x faster than video clip playback time.
  • You'll convert entire movie in just a few minutes
  • Quality rescale algorithm in player, delivering best possible picture quality
  • Customizable video player (brightness, language, volume, and more)
  • User-friendly interface - watch movies, don't waste time configuring obscure settings
Download SmartMovie Converter v4.00

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Handy Weather v6.0.5 Unsigned

Your smartphone keeps you organized on the go. Handy Weather software will keep you connected with updated forecast anytime anywhere! All you need is wireless Internet compatibility to get weather news and forecast for 40 000+ preset cities worldwide. Weather data is provided by the Intellicast, the world’s leading meteorological company. No more complicated menus to scroll through to find the info you need. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it! This tool is easy and fast to use. 10X faster than a browser! 10X easier! 10X less traffic! Four handy and good-looking views: 5-day weather forecast, 5-day temperature graph, current conditions and detailed forecast for several locations you’ve selected. And even Weather screen saver!

New feature! Monitor the weather forecast in your area with the help of 3 types of weather maps on your smartphone. The Temperature map presenting the weather chart of the selected zone shown by shades of blue, yellow and green. The Pressure map displays pressure space and depression areas. And also you will find a Satellite map of various parts of the world. (Maps are available only for S60 3rd Edition devices)Most complete wireless weather coverage available:
  • high and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • weather type icon and text (e.g. Mostly sunny, Snow & Rain etc.)
  • wind direction, gust and speed in mph, km/h or m/s
  • UV index (the sun’s ultraviolet intensity level), humidity and more…
Plan more efficiently with Handy Weather software on your smartphone and be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store.Automatic updatesAutomatic update of weather forecast is the key feature of Handy Weather software. You can set to update weather forecast in a certain interval (4, 8, 12 or 24 hours) or at preset time. Weather forecast will be automatically downloaded on your phone, no matter if Handy Weather application is running or not. This will enable you having weather forecast always up-to-date and do not waste your time on manual downloads.RequirementsYou should have Internet-GPRS (or EDGE/UMTS) service subscription on your phone. Contact your network operator to check this. WAP-GPRS service also might be used in the most networks (depends on an operator).Note: The traffic generated by Handy Weather application for Symbian S60 smartphones is very low. It is only 4 Kb per city forecast per download.

Download Handy Weather v6.0.5

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Install Unsigning Symbian 3rd Apps

In order to install "Unsigned" releases, you need to go trough a one-time procedure. You will need to run the in the release included "SecMan.exe". This program allows you to install our future "Unsigned" releases, without signing them every time.

For this, you will need to have TRK (included in this package) installed, and connected to your pc via USB connection. s60_3_0_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1 & s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITH FP1.

To get this app properly running, make sure you have installed the newest Nokia PC Suite, and your phone connected via "PC Suite" mode. On the phone, run the TRK app, in applications folder. When it asks for bluetooth connection, don't turn it on, and change connection settings to USB. After you have done that, click "Next" and follow the instructions on screen.

When the installation is done, look in the Applications folder on your phone, and find SecMan. Open it, and click on "Install Root Certificate".

After this is done, you will be able to install our future "Unsigned" releases like normal "Signed" applications.

Please keep in mind, if you format / upgrade your phones firmware, you'll need to do this step again and after that manually install those apps from Application Manager.

NOTE: To install previous unsigned releases, use RootSiGN v1.0 (Included in the package) first to sign these releases with our root certificate.

Download Signing Tools

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Epocware Handy Blacklist v3.02

Handy Blacklist protects your time and peace of mind by keeping undesired calls off your phone. If there is someone you just don’t want to hear from, let Handy Blacklist keep that person off your phone!

2 types of lists with different functions will keep unwanted calls hidden from your eyes. You have one blacklist and one or several Allow lists. Only one list can be activated at the moment.

Blacklist contains numbers you want to be blocked. You can add numbers from recent calls, contact list or just by typing them. If you reject a call manually, the software will propose you to add that number to blacklist automatically! Blocking of Private and Unknown calls is also available.

Allow list contains numbers which will be allowed to receive while others will be rejected. In addition, you can choose a "reject" action to return a prewritten text message back to the caller. A notification of the missed calls appearing in a popup note can be set by user as well.

NEW!!! Call Forward is an additional "reject" action for Allow list that lets you to forward calls to a preset number.

Timed activation is available for both lists. Floating indicator on the standby screen shows what list is currently activated.

Tracking of the blocked calls is reflected as Log view, from which you can add number to allow list, call that number and send SMS to it.

Customizable Settings make work with Handy Blacklist even easier. You can turn on and off the Active standby indicator, notification of the missed calls, and inquiry for blacklisting the rejected calls, and also set the period of the log duration.

Download Epocware Handy Blacklist v3.02

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